All Sided

From five different kinds of paint, to cedar shingles and 12-foot planks, to cement board, Tyvek, rainscreen, cedar and Azek trim of varying sizes, and plenty of time — siding the house┬áhas been quite the saga. But now it’s all done. This puts us firmly … Continue reading All Sided

Pink Armor

Now that we’re moved in, we can’t rest on our laurels (which, I hear, aren’t even really that comfortable anyway). The big ole loan we took out to get to this point has come due and the bank wants us to either pay it off … Continue reading Pink Armor

Occupancy – It’s Legit

Today the city inspector returned, checked a few things off his list, and gave us the official green light for “temporary” occupancy. So we’re not only moved in, but we’re authorized to do so.

For permanent occupancy, we now just need to finish siding the house and install an entry/deck.