Occupancy! (Ready or Not)

We spent January and February scrambling to get the house buttoned up enough to meet the requirements of temporary occupancy.

Our contractor’s finishing guys installed the vanities, appliances, finished the flooring, thresholds, cabinets, and trim. They got all the doorknobs installed, closet hardware, and did a great job. Alaska Renovators FTW!

Laura and crew did a ton of sanding and oiling to make all the doors, trim, handrails nice n smooth. The oil turns the fir trim from a light blonde to a smooth dusty blonde.

I wired up the stove, disposal, dishwasher and made sure they work. Same for the boiler and hot water heater. So now we’ve got heated floors, hot water in all the faucets. With the help of some pals I trimmed out all the light fixtures, switches, outlets, and got all the smoke alarms networked and beeping appropriately.

The house is now livable. It’s covered in saw/drywall dust and plenty of construction mayhem, but functional.

We thought we got everything done, and just in time for the city inspectors to come out during the last week in February. They found a few items for us to change. Most items we need to fix are in the unfinished basement, but a couple are in the main living areas. Once we finish these, we’ll get our temporary occupancy certificate which will last until the weather clears and we’re able to finish siding the exterior and install a deck.

At the same time Allstate has made it quite clear they’re done paying our rent. So, come March 1st, we’ll be moving out of the Blue House. The only wrinkle is that we have to move out on Monday, the last day of February, but won’t be able to get the remaining work done, and re-inspected, before then. Technically we need that certificate before moving in, but we’re in a pickle, have no choice, and figure the city wouldn’t be so lame as to fine us.

So, onward and upward it is!

This weekend marks the culmination of over 1.5 years of effort since the fire. For all the chaos our family’s been through, we’re enduring just one more weekend of it while we pack, clean, move, clean, unpack, and move another step towards getting back to normal.

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