See You Later, Basin Road

Today we move from the wonderful Rainforest Cottage on Basin Road to the Baranof hotel. We’ve lived on Basin Road since 2003 and are very sad to be leaving it. Especially since the future is so uncertain and we’re not sure when we’ll be back. 😦

Luckily, on Monday we get to move into a new house which we’ve already signed a lease on. Meadow is excited because it’s yellow. Not as cool of a color as pink, but pretty cool nevertheless!


We woke up this morning to quite a surprise. The fire department reports that the fire in our neighbor’s basement was started intentionally.

I was so shocked when I first read this, because it never crossed my mind. An accident I can swallow. But someone intentionally setting a fire that results in the total loss of my home is beyond appalling.

What’s more frightening is the fact the window from which I smelled and originally saw the fire is my daughter’s. Luckily, she was sleeping in our bed at the time, but had she been in her own bed with the door closed and window open, things may have turned out a lot differently.

We’re so grateful to have each other, and so sickened by how close we came to losing something really important.

I sincerely hope whomever set this fire comes forward to accept responsibility, so they can clear their conscience, receive their due consequence, and so we can learn the answer to the burning question: WHY.