The Pink House is Hot Hot Hot

When planning out the house it was a no-brainer that we wanted to make it as energy efficient as possible. We made it a priority to get high quality windows, heating system, and insulation.

Our electric boiler hasn’t found it’s way to Alaska yet, but we’re keeping the house from freezing with two space heaters. When it was 20º outside the house was a cozy 55º, with both heaters set on low.

The other day, wall-finish-extraordinaire Austyn Schmidt completed the mud and tape of the top two floors, effectively sealing all gaps on the walls. Accidentally, that night, we left one of the heaters on high.

The next morning opening the front door was like walking off an airplane in the Bahamas. I was sweating before I made it upstairs to the top floor, where the air was thick and tropical. With no open windows or ventilation fan running, heat was locked in. This is a testament to how well the spray foam insulation by Demilec performs.

Demilec makes both an open- and closed-cell foam, and we used a combination of both. They go on as a liquid and instantly expand to 120 times volume. The water/air-blocking closed cell dries to a very hard, plasticy-styrofoam-like substance, while the water–but not air–permeable open cell ends up feeling like a kitchen sponge. Both materials fill cracks and voids forming a constant/sealed surface, and once dry both can be cut with a handsaw or serrated knife.

Below is some footage I shot while the guys were spraying open-cell Demilec in our basement (narrated with Meadow’s help).

For more information on the product here’s the Demilec website: And below is their promo video which really shows how the stuff behaves when applied:

One thought on “The Pink House is Hot Hot Hot

  1. Very interesting video. We also using Demilec’s spray applied foam particularly Sealection Agribalance. Visit the Showroom Partners web site to watch videos of some of our recent installations.

    Thanks for sharing!


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