Something has Begun (aka You Can’t Rush a Miracle)

We’re off to a slow start, but building has begun on Pink House v2. The pic below shows what will one day be the staircase that doubles as a stem wall to provide vertical support through the entire house.

Progress has been painfully slow since we got our permit almost two weeks ago, probably because I’ve got ants in my pants and my sense of time (and reality) is warped. We had to get logistics dealt with like turning on the water and getting electricity. And before each phase the city has to come up and verify that what is being built is the same as in the plans. Since the first phase is pouring concrete, it’s important that things are done *just so*. So the ball is for the most part in the court of our builder (Alan Wilson of Alaska Renovators). Alan is working to get all his ducks in a row so that we can proceed properly.

It’s times like these I remind myself to just relax and let the experts do their work. And in my mind I hear the old adage spoken by Max when Inigo needed his help resurrecting Wesley so they could go rescue Buttercup and kill the six fingered man:

You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles


3 thoughts on “Something has Begun (aka You Can’t Rush a Miracle)

  1. hey, i want more pix of recent developments! please?? i know they exist, and i’m sure are oh so exciting….


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