One Year Anniversary of our House Burning Down

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year. Last night I had a hard, dreamless sleep. A year ago last night I was waking up my wife and daughter, grabbing a couple precious items, and leaving the house for the last time.

Here’s some footage I shot during the fire and the morning after.

Hearing my voice sounds so weird. It belies the real emotion, instantly suppressed during the fire and the following weeks, but slowly leaking out through the cracks over the last year. Mostly it comes out as anger when dealing with petty time wasting bureaucracies. Sometimes it comes out when remembering lost things, especially BeeDee the cat.

One year later we’re still a ways off from being whole again but we’re able to view the loss a bit more objectively. We’ve been through a lot, have gotten a lot of great support, and in general are really, REALLY, lucky and thankful.


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