Applying for a Building Permit

Having actual architectural plans, with actual details that builders can follow, with an engineer’s embossed stamp on ’em, and pages of calculations… is a pretty good feeling. It means we reached a milestone and get to turn the page to a new chapter. After our meeting last night with draftsman and engineer we were elated. Not quite cloud 9, as we’re reserving that for when we have a house again, but certainly cloud 4 or 5.

Our new found optimism carried us right into the city permit center first thing this morning with our stamped plans in hand. 1.5 tiring hours and $2,300 later… we’re back down to earth.

BUT reality feels pretty darn good considering we have marching orders and are exiting the limbo-like state we’ve been in since last June. Provided we can iron out all the kinks, we should have a building permit in a few weeks.

The intake process for the permit covers a lot of ground. They look over the plans to make sure the basics are there, as well as some other random things. For instance is the water main big enough to support the number of faucets in our design, are the calculations for snow and wind load present, is the property in a landslide zone. So many of the regulations are seemingly arbitrary, and it’s a roll of the dice for many if we pass or if we have to go out and get more signed/stamped letters from more experts.

All in all we did OK, and they accepted our plans. So we’re relieved, and excited, and of course leery of what other bureaucratic hurdle lies around the corner.


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