Rental Swap Good/Bad News

After the fire, we moved into the Rainforest Cottage for a week. Then we lived at the Baranof Hotel for a week (don’t let the pictures on the website fool you, the place is mediocre and especially uncomfortable during the summer – there’s no AC). Then we found and moved into the Yellow House (which ironically enough overlooks the parking lot of the Baranof).
Now we’ve found it’s time to move again. The adorable and perfectly located Yellow House is going up for sale, but we’re not buying it. Some other lucky dog will. Instead we’re packing up everything we’ve accumulated and moving to another rental. Hopefully the last one before we move into Pink House v2.
  • Bad news: we have to move out of the rental house we’ve been calling home for the past 9 months.
  • Good news: we’ve found an excellent new rental house downtown that Meadow is very excited to live in.
  • Bad news: we have to pack everything we’ve acquired since the fire and move it.
  • Good news: Allstate will pay for movers to move the furniture.
  • Bad news: we’re sad to leave the cute lil yellow house.
  • Good news: the blue house has a great view!
  • Bad news: we have to change our address with everyone, setup utilities, and again adjust to new surroundings.
  • Good news:  we only have to move 6 blocks and are even closer to the pink house ‘work site’.

Onward and upward!


9 thoughts on “Rental Swap Good/Bad News

  1. Sorry you have to move…again. No fun! Any pics of the new rental? Where downtown is it? Glad Meadow is excited to live in it. rjb


  2. Good news:

    1) You will LOVE the beautiful view and it will renew your spirits and hopefulness every day you gaze out the windows – esp. if there is sunshine.

    2) Your charming daughter wants to be a ballerina paleontologist veterinarian. Now, that’s ambitious and wonderful. What a girl!

    3) It’s easy to change your address with those little cards.

    4) I’m already saving boxes to help you pack. It’ll be a breeze – well, maybe Mach 10 Gale, but it’ll go fast if we get a couple of organized work parties going.

    5) Every day really does bring your family closer to a new pink house that’ll be wonderful. Think pink!


    1. Meadow will love to get to hang out with you this summer while we’re building. The timing just depends on when we get the plans done and through the city permit office.


  3. If your neighbors are so concerned with their view, maybe they should trim their tree that is blocking it… Good luck with your rebuild, go pink house!


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