Thankful, yet Resentful… but mostly Thankful.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I’ve been reading posts by a lot of friends and family about what they’re thankful for, so I thought I’d do one too. Although it feels “off” to list only the good stuff, when in reality my family is still very much in the middle of a bunch of crap. So, in the spirit of not tarnishing reality, I’ve decided to do a duality column:
Don’t let my petty whining give you the wrong picture. I’m well aware of how extremely fortunate I am. Not just to have come out of our ordeal mostly intact, but to have been born into circumstance that can only be considered privileged relative to the rest of the world. I have access to communication tools that allow me to read news and consume media to keep me educated and informed. Did I say I can read? I’m able to stand in the shower and let warm water run over my body, on a daily basis. I don’t have to worry about a marauding army pillaging and destroying our lives. I have a job, income, a car, and access to stores where I can pretty much buy anything my family needs. I can walk, run, see, hear, smell, touch. I have instruments, clothes, tools, and skills. Unless struck by some unfortunate accident, I should live a long life with my two beautiful girls.

Speaking of, I have the most wonderful daughter, who constantly reminds me that nothing is very important next to family and friends. And I have a wife who “gets” me, stands next to me, challenges me, and enthralls me.

I’m more fortunate that many people, some far off and some right here in Juneau. It’s actually a bit embarrassing.


2 thoughts on “Thankful, yet Resentful… but mostly Thankful.

  1. Ryan, we give thanks for having you, Laura, and Meadow in our lives. We are enriched beyond belief. No one would ever have wished this tragedy on such an incredibly wonderful family. There is a saying, “These things, too, shall pass.” Wish we could make them pass sooner than at this ugly snail’s pace.


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