Waste Management of Juneau helps out the Pink House, Big Time


Recently we took the pink house down. This was a high priority for us as the sight and smell of that burned out house was rather depressing.

When we think about our hopeful rebuild next spring, and look at our budget, we know it’s going to be tight. We won’t be able to build the house we had. And certainly not the house we want for the long term. But if the stars align we’ll be able to afford enough of a construction loan to get a comfy abode to hang our hats in.

There are three major financial factors that play into this as of yet existing affordable construction loan we’re dreaming about. The first was the asbestos test coming up negative, a huge relief that saves us a lot of money and hassle.  The second was the foundation being sound enough to reuse, which takes a good chunk off the rebuild estimates. And the third is that Waste Management of Juneau has agreed to donate the landfill fees for dumping the wooden shell of the house.

Those three expenses combined add up to about $60,000, which is about 25% the amount of a construction loan we can afford. In our budgets that 25% is a crucial amount. With those costs, we’d be forced to consider not rebuilding. Without them, we can see possibility on the horizon.

Waste Management has gotten a good deal of criticism in Juneau, especially after the incinerator stopped, the trash mound grew, and the notorious Lemon Creek odor problem. We weren’t sure if they’d be able to work with us, as they are a rather large corporation in a tough economy.

I approached Waste Management shortly after the fire and wrote a letter to them describing our circumstance and the weight estimates for the demolition. Local branch manager Eric Vance took it from there. It took a couple months but you can imagine how good it felt when he told me “we’ll take care of you”. And they did, all 34 tons of us.

So here is a huge “shout out” to Eric Vance and Waste Management, who have helped my family out in a Big way.


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