Excitement Brewing for Tomorrow’s Tasty Tweets Bake Sale

Tomorrow (Saturday the 29th) from 1PM – 4PM the Tasty Tweets Bake Sale is happening in Anchorage at Bella Boutique.

As I’ve mentioned before, Laura and I are just humbled beyond words at the generosity of our Alaskan community. It warms my soul to know that so many people are pooling together, and makes me even happier to see how much fun they’re having doing it! To see for yourself, tune in to the tweets by doing a Twitter search for “tasty tweets” or “#tastytweets”. Here’s a couple links to make it easier:

http://search.twitter.com/search?q=tastytweets (#tastytweets)
http://search.twitter.com/search?q=tasty+tweets (tasty tweets)

For the purpose of the bake sale, we’ve created a custom PayPal donation link (which of course accepts credit cards as well):

In addition to the bakers, organizers, and the tasty treats themselves, some others are stepping up even further. Kaladi Brothers is bringing their Event Trailer.  Twitter users @jmproffit and @agenticecream are matching donations for the first 90 minutes of the bake sale. And the Bella Boutique has announced they’ll be donating 10% of Saturday’s sales.

And if you’re wondering how all this came about, blame Valette.


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