Goldilocks Visits The Pink House

Apparently someone’s been getting comfortable in the tarp garage on Basin Rd.

We’ve got a handful of belongings that came out of the house after the fire. Soot covered china, some drenched CDs, and oodles of crispy photos and documents laying out to dry. Mostly things we didn’t know what to do with but couldn’t bear just throwing out.

In the week after the fire we used the tarp garage daily, but over the last month we lost momentum to clean and deal and have only been visiting it once a week or so.

Today we noticed that my trusty ole and partially singed Arcteryx rain coat was missing. Somehow it didn’t burn in the fire but it was too stained and stinky to wear for anything other than digging around the ashes of the house. Also missing were my grandfather’s sodden sooty binoculars.

The minor theft piqued our interest, so Laura and I looked around the tarp garage a bit closer. We found a number of items that weren’t ours! Amongst them a sweater, a canvas bag, a Tasmanian devil t-shirt, and best (or worst) of all some ladies high heeled shoes.

It’s a great tarp garage, and I understand the need to get out of the rain in the middle of the night. But come on people, at least pack out what you pack in and nothing extra.



2 thoughts on “Goldilocks Visits The Pink House

  1. I had a “free” table out in front of the house when I was moving out. The woman in the corner green house put those high heels out to give away. Guess they didn’t make it very far!


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