Kitty False Alarm

Yesterday my wife saw this picture on the Juneau section of PetFinder and for a moment was filled with hope that our cat was safe at the humane society.
sibyl the cat

Unfortunately it looks exactly like our lost cat BeeDee but after close inspection Laura verified it wasn’t.

Many folks have mentioned cats coming back weeks/months after a fire. We’re concerned since we don’t live in the same neighborhood anymore that maybe she’s checking in and never finding us. Another thought that’s crossed my mind is that during the fire she fled downhill into the lovely Juneau neighborhood known as the flats and is being fed by someone down there.

If you can help us keep an eye out for BeeDee, we’d appreciate it. She’s an all black, smallish, cat. Here’s a pic of her and MJ outside the pink house:

mj and bd
(click to enlarge)


One thought on “Kitty False Alarm

  1. I wish i live near you to help look for your cat.. I would love to have one husband says no animals.. Could be that in a pervious life he had to take care of all kids animals and pool.. So I don’t get any of them… Hope your home is rebuilt soon…


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