Many Hands Make Light Work

firelineAfter getting all our ducks in a row with permits and dumpster and muscle, we had an exceptionally touching and productive day on Friday.

25 of the nicest gentlemen from around the country, part of Campus Crusade for Christ, showed up and helped Laura and I (along with friends Doug, Simon, Colin, Sean, and Alex) evacuate the house of all destroyed personal property. We planned out a strategy and once it went into action the guys made short order of the contents of the pink house. Organized fire lines, plenty of good jokes and attitudes, coffee and cookies from Laura’s mom Eileen, and $200 worth of Subway sandwiches from Princess Cruise Lines kept the spirits high and the buckets flowing.

All told we worked for about 5 hours, including an hour long break while Daniel retrieved the full and returned the empty dumpster. All our burned out possessions fit within 40-cubic-yards.

To all our friends and neighbors strolling Basin Rd: I sincerely hope the smell is better! Even though we didn’t start this fire, we’re still oddly embarrased by the sight of the pink house. The Campus guys were great in helping not only with the heavy lifting but clean-up afterwards. We tried to get all loose debris off the street and from around the house. Even so, there may be a few errant scraps.

Here’s a bit of video from the event:

and a gallery of photos:


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