Lining up the Ducks

Pieces started falling into place this week, at least for the first physical phase of demolition.

Now that we’ve retrieved anything from the house we want to salvage, our immediate goal is to remove all destroyed personal property. We think this will help out with the smell on Basin Rd and will definitely make our job easier when time comes for actual demolition of what remains of the structure.

So, after many phone calls and emails and coordination and begging and cajoling and downright great will of our community here’s what I’ve ended up with at the end of this week:

  • A permit to use the Juneau city right-of-way across the street
  • A demolition permit
  • Solicitations of various businesses for donations of various items and services
  • A donation from Princess Cruise to feed the work crew via Subway sandwiches
  • Assistance from the United Way to help us apply to Waste Management for charitable donation of landfill fees
  • Donations of gloves and masks from the community and a box to collect them at Don Abel Building Supply
  • A commitment from about 20 College Crusaders for Christ to come and lend muscle power at the house this Friday morning
  • A 20-yard dumpster, delivered

Here’s a pic of my new favorite big truck driver, Daniel, delivering the dumpster:

We’re looking forward to getting all of the sooty, sodden, stinky mess out of the house and put to rest in the ground. This will give us some well needed closure and will lessen the temptation for hoodlums to enter the burned out house.

PS: whoever snuck under the “do not cross” tape, into the basement, and stole my small conga. Boo on you!!


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