Fancy Room, Lovely Girl

Laura spent a good portion of our first day in our rental home getting Meadow’s room all setup. When Meadow saw it, she gave a theatrical gasp and then exclaimed: “It’s so fancy!”

With the help of friends near and far we made sure MJ has some familiar stuff around. Mostly her favorite books and a couple dolls. Turns out, Meadow is handling this surprise transition better than mommy or daddy. She’s able to verbalize matter of factly that “fire wrecked the pink house” and she hasn’t been asking to go home. Perhaps she’s just forgotten them: out of sight out of mind. Or perhaps she was never really that attached to her bike helmet, water bottle, peter rabbit spoon, some of those dollies, or other toys. Perhaps that really wasn’t her favorite vest. Or perhaps she actually knows all those things are gone. Who knows what is really going on inside the head of a soon-to-be three-year-old.

One thing is for certain. She loves pink. And she loves mommy and daddy, because she told me so.


4 thoughts on “Fancy Room, Lovely Girl

  1. We are so happy to see M is doing so well..And by her doing good your and your wife will be better also.. Children are so much better at these things than we are.
    I hope that things get easier.. and run smoothly.. Take a deep breath and say no smoke we are ok today… You have your family.. That is all that matters..
    The person will be caught maybe not today or tomorrow but some day they will slip up….
    Have a wonderful weekend…
    Dona Lake City, Florida


  2. I got the news from Rhonda on FB — I am so sorry for all your loss–& BTW-Meadow is beautiful. If you need childrens books let me know and I will see what I can do. Ginger began her book collection in the Basin Roadhouse while still in the womb and I believe may have been conceived there, as well. It was by far the most charismatic house we ever lived in. I was actually telling some friends about the house and it’s piccadilos just the other day. When you rebuild, you will have to do at least 1 kitchen drawer made out of an old blasting crate. I think it was Miles or Edmund who pointed out the source of the drawers in the house!! I am sending positive energy your way!!! Mary


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