Asbestos Testing Negative

I just received word that the venerable 100+ year old pink house is free of asbestos. This is a *huge* relief as it means we’re that much closer to demolition (and hopeful rebuild). It also means we’ll be saving a good amount of money, since homes with asbestos require special considerations (and costs) when demolishing.

We’re hoping we can remove the debris soon so all you folks strolling Basin Road this summer won’t have to suffer through the smell and eyesore of that sad burned out pink house.


8 thoughts on “Asbestos Testing Negative

  1. That is such good news and quite a shock for such an old abode. Asbestos disposal is expensive and requires special handling – Whew!


  2. Sorry Konstantin… we’ve been taking a break from the fire administrative miscellany for a while. Feels good to *not* talk about it for a while. We’ll be posting more, tho, as we can only be in denial so long.


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